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Palestinians in the Gaza Strip are preparing to welcome the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan under the shadow of economic difficulties caused by the Israeli blockade.

The unemployment rate in the Gaza Strip, with a population of nearly 2.5 million, has almost reached 50% due to the land, sea and air blockade imposed by Israel for 15 years, according to UN data.

More than half of the population in the Gaza Strip currently lives below the poverty line.

Despite all these difficulties, the Palestinians are keen to go to the markets for shopping in preparation for the holy month.

Due to the difficult circumstances the Gaza Strip is going through from poverty, unemployment, ,  difficult economic and humanitarian conditions, the Palestinian Orphan Home Association seeks to increase the number of beneficiaries, to benefit the largest possible number of targeted groups of orphans, the poor and the needy, where charitable projects are implemented, including:

  • Food Packs Project.
  • Vegetables Baskets Project.
  • Hot Meals  Project.
  • Food Vouchers project.
  • Distributing Zakat Money and Fitrana.
  • Eid Clothing Project.
  • Reviving the last tenth night of Ramadan.

The revival of the Sunnah of Mustafa, “peace and blessings be upon him,” and to seek the  reward in which he, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “The Prophet () said, “He who provides a fasting person something with which to break his fast, will earn the same reward as the one who was observing the fast, without diminishing in any way the reward of the latter

Improving the living and social conditions of a number of poor and needy families and orphans during the month of Ramadan 


Conclusion :


Our prophet Mohammad Peace be upon him, said:

A Muslim is the brother of a fellow-Muslim. He should neither commit oppression upon him nor ruin him, and he who meets the need of a brother, Allah would meet big needs, and he who relieved a Muslim from hardship Allah would relieve him from the hardships to which he would be put on the Day of Resurrection, and he who did not expose (the follies of a Muslim) Allah would conceal his follies on the Day of Resurrection.

Dear brothers, we present to you this important project, hoping that you will contribute in funding it

To help the poor who are unable to provide the basic daily life needs, let us work together to help them, support them and alleviate their suffering during the holy month of Ramadan.

May Allah  bless you and reward you all the best